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ITMO Ltd. supports nations, corporations and financial institutions transition to Net-Zero, at speed and scale, through the Paris Agreement Carbon Market.


ITMO Ltd. sources, structures, and sells Paris-Compliant Sovereign Carbon Credits (ITMOs), at Gigaton Scale, with Economic, Social, and Environmental benefits. (The first ITMOs are currently being issued by Rainforest countries.)


ITMO Ltd. is a private company based in the USA and the UK developing the Paris Agreement Carbon Market tech infrastructure, its financial products and its analytics through three units: ITMO Tech (Structuring, Platform & Registries), ITMO Capital (Selling, Syndication & Distribution) and ITMO Research (Data, Analytics & Research). ITMO Ltd. is an affiliate of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

*INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF SECURITIES COMMISSIONS (IOSCO) defines the Paris Agreement Carbon Market as “…A compliance offset market. These are markets falling under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement; with the United Nations acting as the Supervisory Authority.”

ITMO Ltd. Services

ITMO Ltd. sources Sovereign Carbon credits from countries, structures them on best-in-class national registries, and sells them globally.
ITMO Ltd is divided into three units:
ITMO Capital, ITMO Tech & ITMO Research.

ITMO Capital

ITMO Capital Syndicates & Structures Sovereign Carbon.
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ITMO Tech provides the infrastructure for nations & companies to register & trade
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ITMO Research

ITMO Research offers data and analytics for the Paris Agreement Carbon Market.

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ITMO Ltd. Team

Best in-class management team from the international negotiations world, the carbon and capital markets. Lifetime Financial Markets Structurers, Innovators & Negotiators of New Asset Classes such as Paris Agreement Sovereign Carbon and ITMOs.